Higrade Builds an Intelligent Modular Enterprise

2023/02/07 15:23:32

Higrade is imported into Witte software, aiming to fully realize standardized operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs, strengthen internal design and research and development capabilities, and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle as a whole. Higrade will implement the full 3D assembly design process, this software will boost energy design and development to be more efficient, unify and standardize operations, reduce BOM time and the situation of wrong and missed orders, reduce costs, shorten the mold making cycle, and make the design The department competes with peers on a higher platform and continuously enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

At the time, this software could reduce the tedious modeling pressure for mold designers, reduce costs and improve efficiency for enterprises, develop from the perspective of the front line of design, and order development to follow the principles of simplicity, practicality and efficiency.

Higrade will build a powerful design platform to assist the efficient design process, and realize the standardization and modularization of parts in the design process. At the same time, this provides overall software application training and standardization personnel training to ensure independent update and maintenance within the enterprise, promote the long-term implementation of enterprise standardization, and continuously improve the standardization level of parts.

Through this intelligent design platform, Higrade has established a large number of standard libraries. The use of standard modules has greatly improved design efficiency. At the same time, it has also simplified most of the repetitive and tedious work, helping mold engineers to focus on the mold and core technology.

With the increasingly abundant Higrade products and the rapid update and iterative product cycle, Higrade decided to further improve and upgrade the intelligent design platform. This time, in cooperation with Witte, Higrade will establish a larger specific mold base component library, slider parts library, angle lift parts library, and mold auxiliary parts library, improve the uniformity and accuracy of standard implementation, improve the efficiency of automated intelligent design on the basis of standardization, and ensure the quality of molds and products.