The first Higrade Fitter Skill Competition in 2021

2021/03/30 09:13:13

To continuously improve the company's fitter skills, the company organized the "2021 first fitter skills competition", the competition was successfully held in the  mold assembly workshop!

In the actual competition scene, the competitors each have a plan, skillfully operating the tools in the hand... The sound of research and matching comes one after another. The atmosphere is tense and intense. Relevant departments conscientiously organize quality supervision and on-site environment maintenance.


                                                               (1st Place: Tang Zhongxiang)

                                    (3rd Place: Wu Zhangwei, Ji Tianzeng, Ni Longtao, Li Shuangjiang)

After the award, Mr. Zhao, GM of Higrade Group, delivered a speech: first of all, congratulations to the winning fitters. We need to work together to achieve the three-thirds strategic goal of Higrade in 2021. Through this competition, we can see that the team of Higrade fitters is strong and powerful. We are confident that Higrade will fight in the international market in 2021.