Warm congratulations to Higrade for introducing high-end large-scale five-axis machining center

2022/08/06 15:38:53

On June 18, 2022, the large-scale five-axis machining center and Makino high-speed machining center V33 entered the factory simultaneously, and the Edward three-coordinate detector has been put into use, opening a new chapter for Higrade!

Three coordinates: Brand Edward

Model: Atlas203015

Measuring range: X×Y×Z 2000mm×3000mm×1500mm

Dimensions: 3415mm×4320mm×4150mm

Five axis: brand Taiwan Da Qian

Equipment name and model: Crane type five-axis gantry machining center - CompactB-2522

Measuring range: X×Y×Z 2200mm×2500mm×1250mm

Dimensions: 6050mm×6650mm×5980mm