Quality Is Essential & Keep the Promise!

2021/03/30 09:41:39

   On February 7, 2021, with the breeze blowing and full of vitality, along with the footsteps of spring, a batch of qualified molds from Higrade set out on the journey to Turkey. There are 20 sets of molds in total, including a series of products such as the control panel of drum washing machine and transparent window.




In order to ensure the timely completion of the project and zero mold quality defect, Higrade staff worked as one and overtime tirelessly. The project manager, the engineer,the skilled worker and the purchaser cooperated perfectly with each other and finally  met the factory requirements one week in advance. The pass rate of the mold first trial was more than 95%.Higrade has always been adhering to the "innovative management, full participation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" quality policy in 17 years, and dedicated to provide better service for customers. We’ll always treat every customer with high standard, high quality and high challenge attitude.