Interviews with Advanced Figures

2022/01/20 14:35:03

When walk into the workshop of the third group of precision fitters, I saw the team leader Master Sun and his two teammates at work. The entire team items are neatly arranged, and the team members are very young guys.

Everyone was so focused on their work that they just only saw me when I used to squat down to chat with them.

Master Sun is very low-key and humble. When asked him to talk about his advantages, he said all work that should be done, and there is nothing to praise.

I communicated with his team members individually, and everyone spoke highly of  Master Sun. He has high work skills and kindly takes the initiative to teach team members skills, in particular, the precision requirements for mold kernels are very high, and he is personally demonstrates training to ensure product quality. Not only did the team members speak highly of him, but Mr. Wang , the director of the workshop was full of praise when mentioning him.

In the new year, wish the third group of fitters will continue to be excellent and create greater glories under the leadership of group leader Master Sun!