Qingdao Higrade Moulds & Plastics Co. ,Ltd.

  • New Beginning New Higrade

    In October, Qingdao Higrade factory address moved to Jiaozhou in Qingdao, the new factory scale is more grand than the old site scale, facilities are more complete, the office environment is more comfortable.

    2021-11-11 14:47
  • Higrade exhibition in Meximold

    Meximold 2021 Expoon on October 21st and 22nd, 2021 has been hold at the Queretaro city QCC. Meximold 2021 is the ideal event for Mold Manufacturing in Mexico,which is only exhibition in Mexico dedicated to all pertinent aspects of the complete life cycle of a mold: design, manufacturing and maintenance, from design to the first run!

    2021-10-24 14:47
  • The Higrade evaluation activity of "Excellent Intern" is carrying on warmly

    In order to stimulate the enterprising spirit of interns during the internship, motivate interns to study and work actively, and promote the overall improvement of their professional ability and comprehensive quality, Higrade has been carrying out the "Excellent Intern" evaluation activity for three months.

    2021-09-29 11:27
  • Mold Knowledge Sharing

    Mold is a kind of production tool that is used in industrial production for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or pressing forming, smelting, stamping and other methods to produce parts with a certain shape and size requirements. Basically, products production from all walks of life needs to use mold.So mold is the mother of industry.

    2021-09-17 09:25
  • ​Higrade plans to take part in the exhibition of Rosmould 2021

    Plastics and composites, metals and alloys. All and sundry comes to us: visitors from machinery, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical as well as food, medicine industries.

    2021-04-19 10:53