Injection Mold - Features of 2K Mold

2022/05/28 11:42:29

Injection Mold - Features of 2K Mold


1. Mold composition.

The 2K mold injection molding machine consists of two sets of plasticizing injection devices with the same structure and specifications. According to the needs of the production method, the nozzle should have a special structure, or be equipped with two sets of rotatable and transposed molds with the same structure. When plasticizing injection, the process parameters such as melt temperature, injection pressure, and injection melt volume of the two sets of plasticizing injection devices are required to be the same, and the fluctuation difference of process parameters of the two sets of devices is minimized.


2. Injection molding material selection.

2K mold injection plastic products should use raw materials with good thermal stability and low melt viscosity to avoid decomposition due to high melt temperature and long residence time in the flow channel. Plastics are widely used in polyolefin resins, polystyrene and ABS materials.


3. Injection molding process.

When injection molding 2K mold plastic products, in order to make the melts of two different colors well fused in the mold during the molding process and ensure the molding quality of the injection molded products, a higher melt temperature and a higher mold temperature should be used. , Higher injection pressure and speed.


4. Injection molding machine settings.

Compared with ordinary injection plastic products, higher parameter values should be adopted for the melt temperature and injection pressure of the two-color mold injection plastic products during the injection process. The main reason is that in the two-color mold injection molding, the mold flow channel is long, the structure is complex, and the injection melt flow resistance is large.