Qingdao Higrade Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.

  • New Beginning New Higrade

    In October, Qingdao Higrade factory address moved to Jiaozhou in Qingdao, the new factory scale is more grand than the old site scale, facilities are more complete, the office environment is more comfortable.

    2021-11-11 14:47
  • The Higrade evaluation activity of "Excellent Intern" is carrying on warmly

    In order to stimulate the enterprising spirit of interns during the internship, motivate interns to study and work actively, and promote the overall improvement of their professional ability and comprehensive quality, Higrade has been carrying out the "Excellent Intern" evaluation activity for three months.

    2021-09-29 11:27
  • Higrade 2021 Opening Ceremony

    An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. On February 19, 2021, the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, the first day of the construction, on this beautiful occasion, under the careful planning of the leaders and staff of the company, the employees of the company gathered together and held a joyful commencement ceremony to welcome the New Year together.

    2021-04-19 08:28
  • Quality Is Essential & Keep the Promise!

    On February 7, 2021, with the breeze blowing and full of vitality, along with the footsteps of spring, a batch of qualified molds from Higrade set out on the journey to Turkey. There are 20 sets of molds in total, including a series of products such as the control panel of drum washing machine and transparent window.

    2021-03-30 09:41
  • The first Higrade Fitter Skill Competition in 2021

    To continuously improve the company's fitter skills, the company organized the "2021 first fitter skills competition", the competition was successfully held in the mold assembly workshop!

    2021-03-30 09:13